Free from the blackness- nearly

Something was happening but Hola didn't know what. All she saw was black but she felt as if something had moved. Th voice in her head was getting closeer and louder, more intelegable. The question she kept asking was who was this person that was speaking? And why was it all so black?

Something moved in the darkness.

What was that?!

It's getting... some general direction...

What is going on? Hola kept saying in her head because she couldn't aloud.

Then a voice spoke: "Thou shall awake, and thou shall heal thy friends. Thou art without destiny. Thou will find true happiness within time, gut thou shall hunt for thy happiness. Art thou except?" Hola couldn't tell where the voice was coming from nor who  spoke it or what it  ment. The voice was old fastioned and hard to understand. Hola took a while before she answered.

Who are you?

"Art thou not answer me?"

Again she replied: Who are you?

"Thou art a questionalable child, I shall answer truthfully. I am thou's Author, I present thou's commands. Will thou acsept?"

I belive I have no choice. If I don't say yes then I won't get out of here, will I?

"No, thou shall not."

Well then you know my answer, you probally wrote it that way.

"Then thou art free."

The End

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