The Room Thinks ...

The room could sense some beings entering. For a moment it debated whether they were worthy of entering, and concluded that they were.

They had brought with them one who was greviously wounded, though it was inside, not out.

It thought for a moment. How to heal her? Glad that it had prepared itself earlier that day, the Room gently suggested to the most receptive mind that they should leave the girl there until she was healed.

The girl immediately relayed this information to the others, and the Room was glad. It had chosen the right one, obviously. She did not seemed alarmed at the intrusion into her brain.

The Room probed deeper. It found that she had great knowledge of the Legends, and that she had taken this information as something half-forgotten from those old manuscripts.

Well, it decided to continue letting her think that. No good alarming her, after all.

As the girl was laid to rest, the Room started to work.

The End

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