After all that had happened, Geoff knew that it was his time to do something - anything - to help. As afraid as he was of the Shadow, he was not certain it was the same creature from his realm, and even if it was, he knew there was something he could do to help, however dangerous.

Just then Kathryn came running down the stairs, almost falling as she missed the last step. But Misha was there in a flash, holding out his arm to support her. Her breath was heavy and she seemed to have something very important to say. She pointed at Corby as she bent over, recovering.

'The - house - healing - room!' Was what tumbled out of her mouth.

Geoff was on this like a cat. He took Kathryn by the arm and steadied her.

'Healing Room? Where? Do you know where it is?' Urgency filled his voice.

She nodded, then stood straight.

'The legend, it says that no-one can die here, in this Hideout. The Room can heal her.'

'But she's barely alive...what can it possibly do?' Misha questioned.

'It will work, I promise.' She said.

That was all he needed. Geoff picked up Corby gently and turned to Kathryn.

'Lead the way.' He declared, nodding encouragingly at Kathryn.

She immediately spun around and sprinted up the stairs. The others followed, Misha, Leigh...where were the others? As if to answer his thoughts Ara burst through a door, looking agitated.

'Ara, over here!' Geoff called.

'Where are you taking-'

'No time to explain. I'm going to fly up there because I can't keep up on foot. Come on.' He explained, not asking about Flamara, he looked as though he didn't want to talk about it.

Geoff unfolded his sinuous, writhing wings, silken, almost like electrical lights were pulsating beneath them. He projected himself up the stairs, narrowly missing a hanging light shade.

'Well done Genius. You always did fly like a moron.' Was Tolstoff's helpful input.

He caught up with the others, just in time to see a second staircase appear as he approached.

'The house - it knows - it's preparing the room!' Kathryn called back, as she leapt up the stairs two at a time. Geoff skimmed over the heads of the others and landed infront of a large oak door, iron clad and formidable. Kathryn got up close to the key hole and breathed on it. A resonant click filled the hallway and she pushed it open.

'Bring her in.' She said, and walked into the darkness.

Geoff followed, looking down at Corby's lifeless face, and his jaw locked. He was going to save her. He needed to.


The End

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