Dreaming of hope

All I see,
Drifting through my veins,
Want to know where it all began,
I see your face everywhere I turn,
Now I’m left, eternally to bow,
Eternally to… 

When you're on your own,
Killing time,
Wanna make it right,
Make it… 

Nothing ventured nothing gained,
Seems all the world has gone insane,
All said and done,
We are heading straight towards the sun,
Nothing ventured nothing said,
Seems all the words drift from my head,
It's sad to say,
But we are heading straight towards the sun,

All I feel,
Crawls across my skin,
Breaking through,
Slowly sinking in,
I can’t find what you're looking for,
Nothing’s left,
Nothing’s left at all,
Nothing's left at… 


The End

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