Alarm Bells

As he stood with the others, something jolted in Ara's stomach. He raised one ear, listening for suspicious sounds. There were none, only Leigh's sobbing and the general murmer of everyone's muted speech. Something jolted again, Ara turned his head, yellow eyesn narrowed suspiciously, fangs half exposed.

Something didn't feel right here. And this time, it wasn't just Corby.

Leaping off the top of the staircase, Ara moved cautiously towards one of the doors. Something was going on behind it, something bad. Something that really didn't want them in this house.

Shaking his head to rid himself of the fear that was beginning to creep in at the edges of his mind, Ara pressed one ear against the door and listened, every muscle in his body tense as a bowstring.

Almost immediately he backed away, ears ringing. He shook his head viciously, trying to clear the sound out of his mind, but it wouldn't go. It just kept ringing continuously in his ears, alarm bells telling him to listen to his instincts and run for his life.

There was definately something bad going on behind that door. It reeked of fury and malice and an evil so unbearably twisted it made Ara wince to think of it. It was so terrifying he was shaking.

Nothing that evil should still be in existence. Someone had to go in and find out what was going on. Someon had to stop it before it did anything.

But Ara didn't know if he was brave enough to be that person.

The End

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