Consumed by the big black eyes

Hola had been sitting there for five minuites plus! But still she could not even move an inch, her breathing had dimed so much that if you listened very cearfully you could not hear! The big black eyes were all she could see, and all she could remember seeing. She didn't even know if Corby's eyes were open. But there were tthose big bkack eyes there endvouring Hola.

There was nothing else she could see.

Nothing else she could think about.

Nothing else she could do.

All there was were those big black eyes.

They didn't even look like Corby's.

But they were there.

They were all that was there in the eyes of Hola.

Nothing else.

Nothing at all.

Not a thing.

Nothing, except those big black eyes.



All alone.

No one there to explain.

No one to guide.

Except that voice in the back of her head that got lounder and nearer, talking to her, saying things that she could not hear, not understand. Someone was there in the black eyes, talking to Hola, but Hola couldn;t understand.

Blackness and a voice.

The End

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