Poor Corby...

I flew upstairs, and into the room where everyone was. Ara was there too. I landed on Geoff's shoulder, and made him jump. I went up, and dared to sit on Ara's shoulder. He didn't brush me off. He just stared. I looked, and saw Corby. I landed by her head, and looked at her. I transformed back into my normal form, and touched her head.

I laid next to her. I laid my head on her chest gently. Ara looked down on me, looking pained, but what was that he had hidden when I looked up at him? He was still hiding something from me. Not something bad though. Something about me. I jolted. Geoff looked at me. I sat up slowly. I sniffed the air, as I sometimes did. I smelt cold, danger, and evil, coming nearer and nearer...

I threw my hand up, and the door slammed closed, but not before I got a glance of a black thing lunging at the door. I put my hand in my jeans, and found a little pink heart. It was crumbly, so I broke a bit off. I smelt it. It smelt like rose. I nibbled it. A burst of energy went through me.

I broke another bit off, and placed it in Corby's mouth. I pushed it gently, hoping that that tiny bit of life still in her would reach. I kept crumbling the heart, and placing it in her mouth, until it was all gone. I had managed to make her swallow it. Her chest began to rise and fall. I smiled to myself. Geoff looked down at me miraculously. I got up, and went to his side. I felt a spark drip down my cheek. Geoff wrapped his arms round me, and hugged me. I looked over his shoulder at his wings, and beyond them, Ara.

The End

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