Returning to the Others

After sitting completely motionless on the shelf for what felt like hours, Ara's ears stiffened. He could hear noises coming from the main room, indistinct through all the rooms he must have run through. And those sounds did not sound good.

Something was wrong. Something was very very wrong.

Jumping off the shelf, Ara stretched his stiff muscles before taking to his heels and taking off back towards the main room, following his instincts as to where to go in the maze of passageways. He certainly didn't remember running through so many on his way here. But then again, he'd been somewhat distraught at the time. If that wasn't an excuse not to notice things, nothing was.

Ara shot through the half-open door into the main room like a big, dark lightning bolt, immediately readying himself to fight off any potential foes that may have infiltrated the place.

Then he saw the others.

Leigh, Geoff and Hola were all grouped around Corby, who appeared to be lying motionless on the ground. Ara picked up the smell of blood coming from her direction. And of something else, something darker. Something that shouldn't have been there.

Corby had been murdered by something terrible. And he hadn't even known.

Slowly he approached the group, not making any sudden movements as not to alarm them. Slipping in beside Geoff, he nudged the pixie's shoulder and asked in a low voice:

"What's happened? How did this..."

He trailed off. This was too horrific for words. What manner of monster would kill a person, a child, in cold blood? He wasn't goign to let it get away with it.

Whoever, or whatever, had done this would pay.

The End

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