A Bit of Organization: 2

Summary Chapter No. 2!

If I have anything wrong or left something out let me know by commenting on THIS chapter so I can fix it. If I’m doing a slightly different format than Del. Comments on what works and doesn’t is appreciated – Organization is my job, and what I am good at.


It started with the Sapient Mircowave, then the rest of the Kitchen Appliances caught on and came alive as well. The house raged with a battle between them and the, um, ‘humanoids’. Then, in a totally selfless act, Flamara jumped in front of a knife that was going for Ara’s heart. All Sapient Appliances immediately stopped their warfare in shock and horror as it seemed Flamara was dying. Geoff, who’d been frozen during this whole affair at last came to the rescue and healed Ara’s wound. However, he lost consciousness and Leigh slowly fed him soaked bread until he came to. Being low on power, he lost his human guise and showed his true, pixie, form. Meanwhile Misha went looking for the Armless one, only to find it in a basement room, which he immediately left and barricaded in, before securing himself in a room to get some rest. Leigh went off with Corby and faints when Corby reminds her of her past, which she had ‘forgotten’. Flamara, though physically who, was dying because Ara refused to return her love. He at last relents tells her why he won’t return her affection, saving her from turning evil. Corby, extremely upset at making Leigh faint runs off, only to be attacked by a shadow beast. Hola, Leigh, Geoff and Misha come to her rescue but they are too late. They are now in the living room with Corby’s nearly lifeless body.


Flamara (UberEvilAngel)– Queen of Elemental Fire. Her hand has been marked with a picture of Ara, and she is completely love with him. Currently in the form of a Phoenix, somewhere in the house.

Sealantus (UberEvilAngel)– King of Elemental Water, once both Flamara’s brother and lover, he has disappeared from the house into an unmentioned story.

Hola (Greentreeapprentice) – Teenage girl, who has and another set of arms coming out of her elbow that could shrink into the top half of her other set. She has a pair of tiny wings under her t-shirt but they are next to useless. Currently sitting in the living room staring into Corby’s now black eyes and un-able to move.

Ara (SpookOfNight) – Halfling, has wings a horn and body with spikes. Currently sitting on a shelf trying to be alone with his own thoughts and avoiding Flamara, and everyone else.

Corby (Hummingbird) – Teenage girl who can jump between dimensions, change them and look into peoples lives. Currently lies, nearly lifeless, on the couch in the living room, her head on Leigh’s lap.

Kathryn (Delorfinde) – Teenage girl, has come into her inheritance of being able to influence people and make them do what she wants. She knows the most about the house. Currently she is observing from the stairs, reluctant to interfere.

Jyll (E.Honey) – Little girl who speaks only through thought bubbles (like a cartoon). Three of her fingers were stolen by the armless girl and Flamara gave her fire fingers to replace them. Currently in the living room after serving Flamara hot and spicy soup to try and help her.

Indigo (Pumpkin201) – Teenage (boy? girl? I’m unsure) Came in to use the bathroom and has managed to leave and return to the car.

Misha (Blackbird) – A smuggler and general hell raiser. Currently in the living room.

Elira (Anna) – Egyptian woman who love her two swords and can change into a black cat at will. Currently in an unknown location (Where is she Anna?)

Geoff (Briony) – A pixie member of (what’s the society name Briony?). Normally goes about in a human guise and is always accompanied by the voice of Tolstoff (who only he can hear), his guide. Currently in the living room.

Sapient Radio – The only Sapient Appliance still running around. It’s mostly harmless and likes to play music that to suite the mood, or perhaps to try and cheer someone up. (Like playing cartoon music while Leigh watched everyone tear around the house fighting the appliances.)

The End

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