I can't move!

Hola was relived that they had foundd Corby but at the same time grieved that they had not been able to take the shadow thing off her before it had disappeared. Corby lay lifless, but still with a heart beat on the sofa. There was nothing that she could do. If she knew what the shadow thibg was and what it did she might had been able to help, but she couldn't. Just sitting on the floor, holding Corby's hand next  to Leigh Hola was helpless. Nothing else stood out to Hola, she never noticed anyone round her or head when someone asked what had happened. It was a quiet world of her own that Hola was in, nothing that she could do.

Now that Hola thought about it she couldn't move! Not with all her strenth could she move, her muscles wouldn't budge! It felt that they were forsen stiff! Her eyes were locked on Corby, they wouldn't  move either. What was happening! Her mouth wouldn't move, so she couldn't speak! All she could do was stare into the now endlessly blac eyes of Corby- she didn;t even think Corby's eyes were black before they just were now, probaly because of the encounter with the thing, the black thing.

The End

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