Geoff stood helpless at the top of the stairs, as he watched Corby enveloped by the lolloping, freakish shadow, with arms and legs far too long for its body. It moved like smoke, but it's texture was thicker, almost like a muddy sludge. Where a mouth should have been was a hole, far too wide for it's face, like a sadistic smile.

Leigh ran forwards next to Hola who was struggling to pull the thing off the unconscious Corby. But as they tried to grab it, their hands seemed to slide through it, unable to hold on.

Geoff was transfixed; terrified. He knew these shadow beasts. In his realm they were the stuff of horror stories, known to suck out the lifeforce of a slyph or faerie and leave a wandering body, mindless and vacant. He couldn't move.He watched as the being held Corby tightly, then both disappeared, melting into the air. She was gone.

Just then someone bolted out of a door to the right.

"What the devil are you screaming about? You woke me up and had me run out here to watch you scream at floorboards?"

Leigh and Hola sat staring at the space where Corby had laid.

Sobbing Leigh turned to Geoff.

'Why...why didn't you do something?'

Geoff was paralysed; with guilt and fear. He turned away in shame.

The End

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