I had been dozing on and off on the bed in my room for God knows how long. Everything on the main floor had turned into an emotional bloodletting, something I'd never been able to put up with and not lose my temper. I had wished Red could have been there, we would have gotten into the drink and played cards, ridiculing everyone else and laughing at the world.

But then someone was screaming and I was brought out of my half-sleep. The screaming came from down the passage, from the direction of the stairs, and it was desperate and fearful. I grabbed my carbine, pulled away the furniture blocking the door, and rushed into the passage.

The screaming had by then turned into near hysterical shouting. It seemed that Leigh and another girl were shouting at the floor.

"What the devil are you screaming about? You woke me up and had me run out here to watch you scream at floorboards?" I boomed as I stalked toward them, my panic turning into rage. They both looked up at me and I saw in their eyes that something was terribly wrong.

"It's Corby, she was here a second ago and something was strangling her, but now she's gone."



The End

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