Corby's Mind

I was being carried by a pair of cold arms, that were thin, and not protective like a thought a hero would be. Someone was running, and screams and shouts called for me.

"Let her go! No!" A voice screamed.

But suddenly, the light went out. My light that lit the way. I was sinking in heavy navy blue water, drowning infact. Breathing suddenly became a struggle, and I searched through nothing but complete darkness. I had been chewed and swallowed, and now I was in a bottemless pit of nothingness.

I was nothing any more, nothing mattered. My life, my friends. Nothing felt sacred to me. I was alone, being carried by someone who was running through the darkness. I never thought this would be the end of my life, and I didn't have enough time to think about it. I was dying, every second, any closer. But then, something hit me. Something terrifyingly sharp and pointy, slicing through my waist. And then that small little lightbulb of mine, went out.

The End

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