Time for action

It had been a while since Hola had taken part in the action, attacking the kitchen appliences; helping Flamara, catching and talking sense inti Ara. Although it seemed to Hola that Ara still needed sense talked into him.

Time to take part in all the action! First of all she needed to find Ara, or Corby but where where they. Hola ran through the house looking for one of them. Corby had last been seen by Hola at the stairs, Ara was last runing from Flamara. She tried running after Ara, and soon came to a sight in front of her: Corby lying ont the floor being strangled by- Hola couldn't quite make out ho or what it was but it was covering her face, stoppong her from breathing! She ran to help, throwing herself at it. just as she reached it Leigh came dashing around the corner.

The End

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