Coping with the Past and a New Plan

Sobs wracked Leigh's body and she didn’t care that the others were staring at her. Geoff’s hand on hers was oddly comforting. But it couldn’t dull the pain. That one act of selfishness had cost her family dearly. And why had she done it? For the stupidest of reasons, that’s why. And what had it cost her family? Everything, so it seemed.

You made it through you know the voice was soft and gentle.

“I know,” she whispered.

“You, you do?”

Leigh looked up to see Geoff looking at her completely confused. “Do what?” He looked odd through her tear blurred eyes.


“I know I survived, but,” her voice began to break up, “Mom didn’t.” More tears came streaming down her face. “She, she tried to stop me. Got hit by another car, I tried to turn, but it was, it was too late. She was flung under the bus just, just before it hit me.”

Turning to face the fire, Leigh pulled her knees to her chest. She felt Geoff lay a hand on her shoulder.

“Dad, Dad, had just gotten his dream job,” she continued talking, as if somehow saying it out loud would help, “he’d be flying for the big airlines. We were going to see more money than we’d ever dreamed of. But, but every penny he had, went to keep me alive in my coma. Every penny spent on medical bills and Mom’s funeral. He even had it video taped, so I could watch it, pretend I was there, get a last chance at goodbye. And why, Why?” Her voice ended on a hysterical note.

She turned and faced Geoff, unable to read his pixie expression. “Because I was the slow girl with coke bottle glasses, sever overbite and ragged clothing. I was seventeen and I’d never been kissed; been stood up seventeen times and I thought life couldn’t get any worse.” Obviously it had gotten worse. But somewhere along the line it’d gotten better. And now it was all screwed up again. She turned back to the fire.

There’s something you could do, maybe fix things. It’d help Geoff too.

“What are you talking about?” Leigh responded to the voice.

“Me? I didn’t say anything.” Geoff look completely confused.

“Not you, the voice in my head.” Leigh sighed

“Speaking of which, I meant to ask,” but the voice interuppted his question.

It was his author, he heard his author, now you have to find Corby. This plan won’t work without her. Go quick, she’s in trouble! And Take Geoff.

“You’re author,” Leigh replied. She stood and took his hand, dragging him out of the room. “We’ve got to find Corby. Apparently she’s in trouble, and my voice,”

I am your author.

“My author,” Leigh corrected herself rolling her eyes, “Has some plan that supposedly will help you too, but we need Corby.”

The End

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