Flamara Sees

Ara showed me his past, how his friends had protected him, and he had fled. Some people who wanted his true form, and who couldn't accept him the way he was. But his true form, the dangerous one, the one he stayed in usually, I loved them all. I loved him for him. He was the one who had held me close, the one who I protected from that knife, reaching his heart, and the one who would find him now.

Geoff gave me a vial of his blood. I sighed, and drank it slowly. I untied the ropes, and turned into a phoenix. I flapped my large wings, and flew to where Ara was. He looked down at me, most likely thinking I was one of my servants. I used my beak to pull his hand. I dripped a tear in. He looked at it, and I pushed it to his heart. I sat, and sang birdsong. I ruffled my feathers, and golden dust settled on the shelf, spelling 'I love you'. I flew away, Ara watching after me.

The End

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