In the main room it was strangely quiet. The young girl Jyll and a few others were sat around Flamara who was still laid on the chaise. He was just in time to see Ara stamp his foot through the hardy wooden floor, then turn and run in his direction. He seemed to anticipate a struggle with Geoff so pushed past him swiftly and unfolded his wings, flying into the darkness of the corridor. Despite the frustration rising in Geoff's chest, he knew that he should leave Ara alone for now; he obviously needed space, he would talk when he needed to. He then turned to see Flamara, wreathed in flame flying towards him. He threw himself out of the way as she came crashing to the floor. She screamed something to Ara, but he did not appear.

'Geoff...' A weak voice escaped the mouth of Flamara. 'You need to restrain me...'

He walked over and knelt by her side. He took out the vial he had used to pour his blood into. She grabbed his hand, as if to stop him.

'It won't mend a broken heart.  I need an explanation! If I don't I will become a dark being...I don't want that.' She managed to utter. Geoff restrained her and she stopped struggling.

'But it will mend your body; stopping it from transforming, for now. Until Ara comes to his senses anyway. He's confused; don't be too hard on him...some scars leave too deep a mark to heal. He knows that pain.' Geoff talked solemnly as lifted her body an returned her to the chaise.

He repeated the ritual of collecting a few drops of his blue blood. He took the glass and pitcher of water laid next to the chaise left by Leigh and added the blood.

'Drink this. Slowly. It should sustain you, but only for a few hours.'

She took it, but her hand shook violently. She nodded and took a sip. A few moments later she laid back her head; as though in a restorative coma.

Just then it hit him; Leigh.

Where was she?

'Umm...a little help over here!' Came a distressed call from the stairs.

Geoff sprinted off in the direction of the voice and halfway up the large wooden staircase. There was Leigh, slumped back, evidently passed out. The call came from the girl...Corby was it? She looked seriously unnerved.

'I didn't do it, I promise! I didn't mean to upset her; it's just what I do, I can't help it! I'm so sorry!' She cried and ran off up the stairs and down the hall.

'Wow. Talk about an outburst.'

'Shut it Tol.' Geoff muttered.

He lifted up Leigh and brought her down to the main room. He laid her on the thick rug next to the fire. Jyll, obviously concerned, tentatively brought Geoff the pitcher of water. He smiled and took it. Flicked water onto her face, hoping to revive her. She remained unnmoved.

'Now what genius?' enquired Tolstoff.

He then picked up the jug and poured a small amount onto her face. She suddenly thrust herself forwards, gasping. Her eyes were wide and strained; they flicked around the room crazily, her breathing fast and shallow.

'It's okay, Leigh, it's me. You're fine. What happened?'

Leigh took one look at Geoff and burst into tears. He took her hand, puzzled.

'Hey, it's alright, don't -'

'Don't tell me it's alright! I just saw my whole story...boring into me! I tried to - to...' She stopped and coughed heavily.

'You tried to wha-' Geoff stopped. Her face...the different. Was it? No it couldn't be. She only failed mission. The reason I was suspended from high-profile human cases. But it couldn't be.

'I tried to kill myself!' She screamed.

It pierced the air, and the very house went quiet. It recognised the agony of the scream.

It was her. I don't believe it. She was my last mission. I was meant to save her but I was too late. She just stepped out in front of that bus...

Leigh wept and her tears clung onto the fibres of the thick white rug.

The End

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