New Strength and New Pain

I opened my eyes when someone whispered my name in my ear. That voice...

A hand squeezed mine. That touch...

It was Ara, leaning beside me. He said something about not being able to do something again, and put his foot through the boards. He ran off. See Ara had filled me with strength. With Fire as my aid, I flew after him as a phoenix before anyone could stop me. I transformed, running after him now. I saw him at the end of the corridor. Pain surged through me.

I fell to the floor, on my hands and knees screaming. I clutched the floor, and it cracked. This was thing thing that had happened to Drakath, King of Darkness. Someone had broken his heart, and instead of dying, he faded slightly, then became...evil. using his black cloak to hide dangerous thing from innocents. I needed to find out what was wrong with Ara, before I hurt him. I looked down the corridor, to see him staring, trying to identify my scream.

"Ara...what happened last time? I need to know! I need you to explain!" I called out, still on my hands and knees. I used my powers to take the Eternal Love stone out of Jyll's hand, and tie a note round it, and made it slide down the corridor to Ara. The note read:

Ara, I'm sorry. If my heart does not mend, by explaination or by what broke it, I will turned into a crazed creature, more dangerous than the appliances, and almost as dangerous as you. Know by this Eternal Love stone that I will always love you, even when I am You will always be part of me, like you are in my name. Forever your, with my heart by your side,

FlamAra xxx

It slide to his feet, and I managed to stand, and go back to the living room. I made Geoff tie me up with my own flames, but did not tell him why.


The End

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