Strange Business

Geoff sat in silence as he waited for Ara to begin. The fire was warm; it was making his skin glow in appreciation. Ara squirmed in the large armchair, then leant forward, head in hands.

'It's not something I feel happy talking about.' Was growled from under his wave of hair.

Geoff remained silent. He didn't want to pressure Ara.

'It - it happened before...and I swore, never again. Especially not in this place. I feel no inclination to love.'

Geoff could see Ara struggling; his face was twisted in the light of the fire, shadows licking his face.

'Well. You will just have to tell her that. She says she needs your help; whether or not you feel you can return the feeling. She's fading Ara.'

Geoff was never good at this intimate, feelings stuff, but he felt Ara needed his help on this.

'I know. Well. That's another heart broken. Another thing destroyed.' Ara snarled. His teeth beared, he leant back into the chair and closed his eyes.

'This is not your fault. But you can fix it. Then you can go back to your sulky corner.' Geoff joked to lighten the mood.

Ara looked up at Geoff; for a moment he seemed angry, but after a few seconds a small smile seemed to appear for a moment. He got up and headed towards the door. He turned as he pulled it open.

'I will tell you Geoff. But not the time.'

Geoff nodded.

'Thanks.' He mumbled, then left the room and Geoff sat in silence.

'Well that was all a bit too lovey-dovey for my taste pointy-ears.' Tolstoff commented.

'Yeah. Me too.' Geoff smiled. He sat back, thinking. Then he remembered.

'Hey Tol, did you hear that...that voice? When I couldn't speak to you?'

There was silence for a few seconds.

'No. Is this confession time? A voice? You're not going to become one of those Flint-crazy pixies are you?'

Geoff chuckled. If there was a Flint, he'd never had a divine moment with Him.

'Or Her.' Tolstoff pipped.

Geoff stood and decided to find Leigh. She seemed to calm him; like he'd known her for years.

Maybe she'll know about the voice.


The End

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