Just Find Him

As Geoff said that he would find Ara, Jyll put a bowl in front of me. It looked like hot sause, chillies, and lots of other spicy stuff. I stroked her cheek, praising her. Just what I needed, was something to fire up my soul. I drank the liquid, and felt it burn. I collapsed in a sprawled heap on the sofa. The stuff Jyll had made had made me feel a bit better, but I was still dying. My hands were transparent.

Geoff will find him. He will. I thought over and over. I glanced over to  Geoff, who was in the corridor. He suddenly flew backwards. I tried to stand, tried to speak. No. Not Geoff as well as Ara. This house seems to take away my friends. Jyll sat by me. I feel back weak. She looked down on me, stroking my hair with her little fingers. I looked up at Jyll. She smiled a concerned smile at me. I took it out of my pocket, and pushed  it into Jyll's hand.

"Jyll, this is a Eternal Love stone. It's very powerful. I have place a small piece of my emotional heart in it. When...if Geoff finds Ara/Beba, you have to give it to Beba for me. And if I'm not here, tell him that I love him."

The stone was a small heart. Half was white, the other black, to symbolize male and female. Jyll nodded, and I fell to sleep. "Find him." I whispered.

The End

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