I couldn't have been in the basement long, but after closing the door and stopping in closed with with a few doorstops I realized just how quiet things had become. The appliances seemed to have stopped trying to kill everyone, and everyone seemed to have vanished!

Then I spotted Ara grab hold of Geoff, who was now brilliant blue and winged, and haul him through a door that hadn't even been there moments before! I decided to ask in the parlor about what had happened, but on my way I nearly fell on my head, it seemed that I had slipped on a trail of blood that lead down the passage, shimmering in the dim light. Someone must have been wounded in the fighting, I hoped they were all right, but they would be like to be alive judging from the amount of blood.

In the front hall I found Corby sitting with the biker, a radio danced around them playing a violin rendition of the Adagio for Strings. They spoke in hushed tones, and I passed by them into the parlor where I found one of the women splayed out on a sofa. She didn't seem to be wounded, but she was dying; I knew just from looking at her that she didn't have long, whatever it was that was killing her.

The End

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