Leigh Gains a Past

Leigh sat silent for a while, her arm around Corby’s shoulder. She watched the appliances head off in all sorts of directions. Geoff walked by, only to reappear with a confused look on his face; until he was grabbed by Ara from the corner. They went someplace that seemed to appear out of need.

Sighing Leigh gave Corby’s shoulders a squeeze. “Sorry about being snippy, really I am,” she apologized. “I’m not sure what came over me.”

Hazards of collaborative writing

Leigh’s brows furrowed at the return of the voice. “Go away.”

Corby’s head snapped up,” but I…”

“Not you, my author, or who ever it is, that keeps talking in my head.” Leigh glared at the ceiling. Then she turned a kinder face to Corby. “So, what did you do? Knock over my bike on the way in?” It was a poor attempt at humor, but she did get a slight smile from Corby, though the tears.

“I’m a time leaper,” the girl began, “I can leap from one dimension to another and change it, and go back and see into peoples lives” Leigh handed her a tissue from the box that was on top of the Radio; the Radio that was playing a sad solo violin tune. “I saw your past and the bus and…”

“What past? What bus? I don’t have a history or a past.”

Actually, you do now

Leigh was hit by a rush of memories. Many, many sad memories that threatened to drown her. Yet there were just enough happy memories to keep her afloat. Then the bus hit her like a ton of bricks. Passing out Leigh hit her head on the stairs with a resounding thud.

Ops, I think I over did it

The End

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