Pressing Matters

Geoff was rather over-whelmed. As concerned as he was for Flamara and her broken heart, he could not get the memory of the abstract voice he had heard out of his head. He went over to Flamara who was about to set out in search for Ara.

'Let me go. I'll find him.' Geoff reassured, putting his hand on her shoulder. She turned to him, tear tracks down her face. She nodded.

'Please, tell him, even if he doesn't feel the same, I need his help.' She looked rather desperately at Geoff. He face looked ashen, almost translucent.

'I will.' He nodded solomnly and walked down the corridor Ara had fled down. So the Elemental loved Ara? When did that happen? They were known for their instant connections; but usually with one another, not with a different kind. Rolling it in his mind; he knew Ara could not reciprocate. Something told him that he was struggling already with a past he wished to forget.

'Not unlike you then Geoff old pal.' Tolstoff laughed, but gently, not cruelly.

'I wish you would tell Flix about what has happened; I don't even know if she'd care enough to...' He stopped.

'To what? Come and find you? Impossible.' Tolstoff answered.

Geoff cringed at the pain. He knew she would have to follow orders. She always did. He came back down the corridor and seemed to end up back in the main room.

What? How did that happen?

He looked over at Flamara who was staring at the fire, the girl Jyll at her side, pushing a bowl of what looked like liquid towards her. Flamara seemed to smile, clasping the girls' face in admiration.

Just then a hand shot out of the dark hall and pulled Geoff into a badly-lit corner.

'Please Geoff, I can't, you've got to make her see!'

'Ara? Is that you?' Geoff could almost make out his formidable silhouette.

'Yes, yes of course. Look, I can't. It's not possible. I don't love.' Ara replied. His voice was rushed, desperate.

Geoff put his hand on Ara's shoulder.He turned to a door on his left which had not been there before. He quietly opened it and steered Ara inside. It was empty, with only two large chairs next to a fireplace. He sat down and looked sincerely at Ara.

'Tell me.'

Ara shifted on his feet. For a moment he looked terrifyingly angry; his eyes red and his hands in fists. But then he came and sat in the other chair.

The End

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