IceCream Love

Jyll looked up as flamara cried, and watched as her beba fled the room. Something was wrong. That seemed to be happening a lot more lately.  Wishing she had her rabbit to hug, she tried to figure out what was going on.  Flamey was sick or hurt, something was bothering her beba, and flamey just said she loved beba. Jyll was most confused beacuse of the last part. She knew what love was, well, she kinda did. She loved her rabbit, and icecream, but the way flamara said it was diffrent, a lot diffreant than what she new  love was. As her six year old mind could not figure out the last part, she focesed on the other things bothering her. Flamara was sick. She had mentioned her flame going out, or something like that. Jyll new flames were hot, maybe something else that was hot would help her. She headed to the kitchen, and looked up at the fridge. "I need something hot" her speach bubble said. Jyll opened the fride, and started pulling out food. Bottles and bottles of hot sauce, jars of spice, and chille peppers were what the fridge supplied. Looking at what she had, she decied to make a soup. geting a bowl out of the cuboard, she poured the hot sauce in it, and dumped a few jars of spice in it. Mixing in the peppers, she looked down at the soup. What did she need to do now? hereing a sound, she turend around, and saw the microwave comeing up behind her. Opening it's door, as if it wanted to help, it looked at jyll, with as much as a guilty look a microwave could muster. Jyll put the soup inside, and the microwave made it hoter than any dish it had before. Jyll went back to the front room, and gave flamara the "soup". With a look of mild suppries, flamara acepted the soup, and took a bite. Coughing on the spice, flamara looked up at jyll, and gave her a strained smile. Boy, that soup was hot.

                      Jyll, satisfied, decided to go and see if beba was feeling any better. He looked suprised when she came in.  "what's wrong?" her speach bubble said. "well" ara mummerd slowly "It is what flame... Flamara said. What she said about love." 

Looking up at beba, jyll said "Well, I guess it's not icecream love." 

With a small, almost smile, ara looked back at her. "I guess it's not."....... 

The End

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