Sparks Turn to Water

I reached towards Ara. I moved back, something he hadn't done before. He ran out of the room. Leigh and Corby needed to speak, so I said I'd look after Geoff. I pulled him up onto the sofa beside me. He looked at me. I curled my arms around my feet. Something sizzled on my cheek. I touched it. "Water? How can that be? You cry sparks!" Exclaimed Geoff.

I put my head in my hands. When a Fire Elemental gets hurt so badly, that they start to cry water, like most do, it's only a matter of time...only a matter of time ill their spark dies out.

I stood up. From the kitchen, the toaster, the radio, and a procession of spoons and forks came in, and (stood?) in front of me. I looked at the in bewilderment. I gulped. "Um, guys? I need to tell you something." I said loudly. Everyone sat in silence.

"I need to find Ara. Quite literally. Need to find him, because if we don't find him, I might fade altogether. You see, if a Fire Elemental cries water, then it means that they're so heartbroken, that they loose their spark."

All of the kitchen ware in front of me clattered off in all different directions. With tear tracks, real ones,  down my face, I gave Geoff some more food, then went to find Ara.

The End

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