On the Stairs

I sat down. No one was taking any notice of me any more and for that I was grateful. Though I knew the most about this place, I also knew that it would not be my story for long. Sooner or later, I was going to find a way out of here, and I was going to find that Mega-Author (you could almost hear the bold italics) once and for all.

I sighed. These stairs were carpeted with a thick-pile carpet, for which I was grateful. I did not wish to return to the lounge. There was too much drama in there.

Most of the Sapient Appliances seemed to have stopped. A few were even sneaking back into their places, retracting their legs, and settling down. Self-sacrifice had always confused them.

However, a small radio nudged my leg, and started to play The Gadfly Suite.  I smiled. It was one of my favourite pieces of music - minor, but uplifting.

"Good choice," I told it. The piece gave me new strength, and with a silent thank-you to Shostakovitch I stood up, ready to face ... well, not exactly the world, but the Hideout at least. The radio smiled (without a mouth, of course) and waddled off, still playing. It was evidently pleased with my praise.

"That Appliance 'snot too dangerous, then," I thought. "Thank goodness one of them's nice."

The End

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