All OK, For Now.

I smiled when Geoff awoke and told me not to throw myself in front of anymore mental cutlery. I thanked him, and laid back thinking. "If I hadn't, it would have hit Ara's heart. I saved him." I murmured. Geoff turned back to me.

"Hm?" Didn't catch that."

"I said, if I hadn't, it would have gone into Ara's back, and strait between his wings; to his heart. And I stopped that knife, because I love him." I said quite loudly, just loud enough that everyone could hear. Someone gasped. I giggled. I touched my hand to Geoff's blue cheek. "What? Anyone's shocked that I'm in love with a Halfling?"

I dropped my hand from his cheek, and looked over at Jyll. Her fingers were now working properly and were back.

The End

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