Recovery and Discovery

Geoff lay on the ground, his skin tingling. He could feel the warmth of the fire and something soggy in his mouth. He tried to open his eyes but they were heavy; his vision was blurred. He could see a figure hunched over him, trying to prop him up.

There was a gasp that swept the room; Geoff was confused. It was Leigh who had helped him sit up...she had been the one nursing him. But as Geoff opened his eyes he could see she was as shocked as anyone. Hazily he looked around. Most eyes were on him.

'Wha's wrong?' He managed to fumble as his voicebox wavered.

Ara appeared next to him; the only one who did not wear an expression of confusion.

'Looks like your guise has shed away, my friend. Although I find it becomes you better than your human body.' He curled his lip into a smile and turned back to Flamara.

Geoff looked down at his arms; his hands. Blue. Ethereal, bright and pulsating, as though air was moving beneath it. Felt his face; the features were the same; he was half-human after all, but his long ears and rippling silken wings were blindingly obvious.

Oh dear. Well, at least I'm not human.

He shakily stood; he was at least a foot taller than he had been. He had been mocked by his friends and colleagues for this; pixie's were usually small; not 'faerie' small, like in ludicrous human tales, but smaller than you're average human. Geoff's father had been a tall being.

'Well, er, I guess you're wondering what's going on, with the situation...'

'Nicely put.' Scoffed Tolstoff.

The crowd of eyes looked at him intently, but most did not seemed alarmed, and the shock had faded, leaving confusion.

'Well, as you can see, I'm not exactly human...' He trailed off.

'So...what are you?' Leigh questioned.

She didn't look alarmed; just curious, as though she wanted to see what his moving skin felt like.

'I'm half-pixie, half-human. From my realm, pixie's are warriors, soldiers and protectors of the human world. But er, I thought people would be more receptive to me in my human disguise. Not that I should have worried.'

Geoff smiled as he looked over at Ara.

'A pixie?' Leigh repeated.

'Yeah, thats right.'

Leigh began to smile, then laugh. After a hesitant moment, Geoff began to laugh too. He then moved over to Leigh.

'Thank you; you saved me. If you hadn't have fed me, I would have turned...well, human. I need to sustain my other half with human food. Pixies don't usually eat.'

'Well it's my pleasure. Besides, the whole blue's good. I like it.' 

Geoff smiled, slightly embarrassed. He nodded and turned to Flamara.

'And you. Don't be throwing yourself in front of any more possessed cutlery. Although it seems to have calmed down the mental electrical appliances. Just rest for a while, the elixir takes a while to fully restore you.'

Flamara reached out her hand and touched Geoff's.

'Thank you, my friend. You also saved me, I am indebted.' She then leant back and closed her eyes.

Geoff turned.

'Right. So, what do we do now?'


The End

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