Awakening to Sadness

My eyes were reluctant to open, but they did so. I glanced down at where to wound was. It was gone. I drop of blue liquid sat on my skin. I touched it, and felt the energy in it. I turned my head slightly. Ara was knelt on the floor, head in heads, Leigh was over Geoff, who seemed to be unconscious. The others were just hanging around, watching Geoff, and didn't seem to realize that I had awoken.

All was quiet, as if me almost dying, almost sacrificing myself for Ara, had made the appliances, kitchen-ware and whatever else was alive stop still. I subtly put my hand in my pocket, and touched the ribbon in it. I pulled myself slowly over to Geoff, and wrapped it round his cut hand, which was sprawled on the sofa beside me. I kissed his forehead, and he shimmered. Leigh looked up, and saw me. She then went back to feeding Geoff like a fledgling.

I touched Ara's shoulder, and kissed his horn. He looked up, and I saw a tear in his eye. "Were you concerned for me, Ara?" I whispered. I wrapped my arms round him slowly, enjoying every moment. I pulled away, and sat with Geoff.

The End

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