For the Birds

Leigh stood as soon as the unicorn thing passed by carrying the flame woman, who was obviously injured. The Radio had reappeared and was playing some heart wrenching Romeo and Juliet music.

“Hey,” she turned to the kid that had sat next to her. She really ought to learn peoples names.


“Indigo, go see if there’s a first Aid kit in the bathroom would you.”

Leigh stood and sucked her suit in 30 seconds before heading into the kitchen. The appliances appeared to be in a state of shock at what just happened. Leigh deposited a penny and took a loaf of bread, a picture of water and two glasses to the living room.

She froze as soon as she walked in. She watched as Geoff cut his hand ant let his blood flow into a vial. That wasn’t the oddest part. The oddest part was that his blue blood, when poured on to the Flame chick…

Flamara, or something like that

When poured onto Flamara’s wound, Leigh continued her interrupted thought with a frown, the wound began to heal. Not just heal regenerate. Then Geoff passed out. Let the unicorn…


Leigh frowned even deeper as she tried to continue thinking.

I’m sorry am I bothering you?

“Yes” Leigh said, annoyed. The unicorn thing, Ara, looked at her growling. “Sorry.” Leigh said and knelt down beside Geoff. She had heard him ask for human food, which given the phrasing probably meant he wasn’t human.

She broke off a piece of bread and placed  it into a glass. Damn she thought as she poured some water on it, she should have brought milk. Milk soaked bread would be more nutritious, oh well, here goes. She took the wet bread and placed it in Geoff’s mouth.

“Come on,” she whispered, hoping he might regain consciousness. It felt really weird to feed a grown man, well male at least, like a baby bird.

The End

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