Catch Up Geoff!

After seeing the events unfold from the confines of the kitchen Geoff began to become more and more disillusioned.

Is this really happening? Am I hallucinating?

He glanced down at his watch; 1% power left. He was sat in the corner; he felt removed from what he could see; like when you fast-forward a movie. He tried to get up, move, say something, but he couldn't. If he didn't eat some human food fast, he was going to fade. The thought of becoming wholly human was a rather sickening concept to him.

Come on! Why can't I move!

A voice drifted into his head, the sound of some sort of packet rustling; and a mouthful of food.

', fiddlesticks. Sorry Geoff, I er had some work to do.'

The voice cleared its throat and tried to stifle the crisp packet noise.

Oh Flint. Its true. I've gone crazy. It's finally happened.

'No no, I just needed to catch you up on the house events; I was...away for a little while. Anyway, it looks like some of these guys need your help. Better get to it!'

The voice faded away and movement started to slow. Geoff felt his muscles loosen and he stood up. Flamara ran into the kitchen as Ara was being attacked. He saw it happen but it was too late. The knive was in her stomach and she tumbled over.

Geoff ran and knelt at her side next to Ara.

'Where the hell have you been?' Ara growled fiercely. There was concern in his eyes; he obviously cared about this being.

'Good question. Lets get her in the living room. I can heal her, but then you're going to have to heal me.'

Ara swept her up and laid her on the sofa in the main room. She mumbled something about pulling out the blade.

'Heal you? What do you mean?' Ara looked at me seriously.

'Okay. Once I give her my elixir, you need to get me some kind of human food. Otherwise...well I don't want to think about it.'

Ara nodded.

'Hey Geoff, you know what will happen if you run out of power...' Tolstoff's voice had returned. It reassured him.

'I know. But I have no choice.'

Geoff pulled out a vial from his belt and removed the knife slowly from Flamara. She seemed to groan, then pass out. Geoff used the knife to cut his hand. The blue liquid of his blood filled the vial. He poured it onto her wound. Slowly, her blood stopped seeping out and the large cut began to regrow muscle and skin. Geoff leaned back and felt dizzy.

'Ara...' He growled firmly, then passed out. His last thought was

Who was that...voice?


The End

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