Erm...What Happened?

I looked down at the knife, and as I fell, I looked at the appliances, and at Ara, who caught my body. All the living appliances stopped, falling to the floor, as if my would was killing them, making them fail somehow. I looked up at Ara. I winced. "Take it out." I whispered.

"Hm?" Someone said.

"Take it out!!!!" I shouted. the dagger felt like it was sapping my life away, like it was draining me. Ara took hold of the handle, and it slid out of my body. I cried out.

I was carried into the living room, where Jyll ran to me as I was placed on the sofa. "Beba! What happened?" she asked. I looked up, to see a tear in Ara's eye. I reached up, and wiped it away. I smiled weakly, and drifted unconscious.

The End

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