Reunited At Last

I ran, trying to find Ara, since he had disappeared from my sight. I looked, and saw him taking on the oven. I locked it down, and Ara torn and ripped at it. When it was nearly destroyed, I ran to Ara, and hugged him.  I kissed the tip of his horn, his nose, then his lips. I pulled away, turned, and punched a fan that was flying towards us. It flew across the room, and hit the wall.

"Ara! I love you! I meant to tell you sooner, but ...*punches something*.. we were a bit busy!" I shouted as I scorched a kettle, melting it slightly. One of the drawers opened, and a butcher's knife rose slowly, pointing at Ara's back. It shot across the room like a bullet. I jumped. The knife went into my stomach. Everything stopped. The appliances all turned, and looked at me, and so did the characters.

The End

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