Armed and Dangerous

Having just thrown the toaster across the room again, Ara decided it was time to bring in the heavy support. Him.

Letting the basic enchantments had had put around himself drop, he revealed himself in his full form. Now, as well as his wings and horn, he had a pair of sharp heel-spiked attached to each foot, a massive scimitar-like structure on each elbow and a short, sharp bone-like protrusion on each shoulder.

Thus armed, Ara took to the air and attacked the nearest article of moving appliance. An oven. With a battle-cry that shook the very foundations of the house, Ara stabbed the oven brutally with his heel spikes before using his bladed elbows to rip apart the machine's inner workings. The oven tried to fight back, spitting hot embers at him in an attempt to burn him, but Ara merely danced out of reach before flying in again with another attack.

These machines were tough, he'd give them that. No matter how much damage he and his friends did they just kept coming, no matter how badly battered they were.

But that wouldn't stop him shredding them.

The End

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