This House, a Cartoon?

Leigh and her can of petrol were nearly knocked into by some kid running up the stairs. What the blazes where kids doing in this house anyway. It wasn’t even a sane place to be for an adult. Ignoring everyone fighting the sapient appliances, Leigh marched to the entrance hallway. She proceeded to suit up. She tugged on her boots then donned her suit, earplugs, helmet and at last gloves. Picking up the can of petrol, this just would be a European house she thought to herself, she faced the door.

You don’t have a story to go to. The voice in her head was very stern.

“Oh what, I need some sort of plot line to get myself out?” Leigh vocalized inside her helmet not caring if anyone thought she was crazy.

And an Author

“What? I can’t write my own diary of a girl biker?”


“Why not?”

Your author’s not a girl biker.

“Oh really? And how would you know?”

Because your author is a mother of two who doesn’t get a chance to ride her motorcycle much anymore, so there is no chance of her writing any motorcycling adventure stories any time soon!

“Bug off!”

Leigh turned and slowly sunk to the floor, her back resting against the unyielding door. At least, suited as she was, a sapient appliance attack wouldn’t hurt too much. But the though of sapient appliances and the sight of one running past being changed by the one horned, winged, unicorn beast was too much. Leigh began to sob inside her helmet. She wanted to leave.

You should try interacting with someone. The voice sounded sympathetic.

“I tried that but that Geoff guy kind of disappeared.”

There are others. What about Corby or Misha?

“They all move to fast. I can’t keep up with them.” Leigh watched as the people in the house raced one way or another. Sometimes chasing the appliances, sometimes being chased them. It was a bit like a cartoon. As if sensing her thoughts, the Sapient radio came in a sat down beside her. It began to play all those classical tunes from Bugs Bunny.

The End

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