I came out of the bathroom, drying my hands on my jeans. I knew I'd been a long time in there but, for some reason, I couldn't get out. My author had whispered in my ear; the internet's bust. But I had no idea what that meant for me. Well, it didn't matter now. Indigo is back.

I encountered a toaster and a microwave fighting the girl with the stipy tights and the horned person.

"Whoa!" I screamed, as Ara hit the microwave with a long pole, sending it flying in my direction.

I ducked just in time, and looked up to see the metal object smashed against the bathroom door. It appeared to pick itself up and charged towards the two fighters.

This is a very weird house.

I screamed, coward as I am, and ran towards the stairs.

Hey, don't judge me; I'm only human. Right?

The End

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