Looking for Jyll

I looked around me, not taking my hand off the handle. It was a dark corridor, and I saw Jyll, a little away from me, "Jyll!" I shouted. She looked at me, and ran towards me, tears in her eyes. I grabbed hold of her, and heard an evil hiss. A giant serpent  was coming closer and closer.  I pushed the door, and pushed, then  it opened. Jyll and I fell out, and I hurried to close the door. I struggled against the giant serpent, then I closed in firmly. "Jyll, next time, if you need to find us, just shout, OK?" I told her urgently.

She nodded. I picked her up, and put her in the living room. I heard a crash. A tear came to both of our eyes. I put a fiery cage around Jyll. "Sorry Jyll, but I have to keep you safe." I whispered, and I ran up the stairs, to see Corby and Ara fighting a toaster and a rather beaten up microwave. "Corby! Ara!" I shouted, and something hit the back of my head. I staggered, and went up the stairs very wobbly.

The End

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