I guess I better help everyone, seeing as they'll need it. Corby thought, getting up from under the kitchen table and walking out of the kitchen into the living room to the bottom of the stairs where she saw Ara, a shocked expression on his face. Completely frozen.

"Ara?" Corby whispered, gently shaking his arm.

"Hello Corby," He sighed, not bothering to look in her direction.

"Is there something wrong?" she asked.

"No." He replied cold.

"Is there something right?" Corby asked again.

"Ish..." He chuckled to himself.

"Well, at the moment...we have kitchen appliances running around the house, no-one knows where Jyll is or her rabbit, no-one knows where that thing is with no arms and everyone is going mad so...I think we all need a bit of your help." I admitted. He hesitated before answering, deep in thought. Then grabbed a pole from on the wall and threw it to me.

"Let's roll!" He shouted, I laughed as we both charged up the stairs to kill the immortal kitchen appliances. Which would be impossible seeing as their imortal...

The End

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