Misha Panics

That thing with no arms had got loose! I checked my kevlar (a lot of good that would do) and made sure I had a few extra magazines in the satchel. I was nearly in a panic; this wasn't right, I was supposed to deal with regular flesh-and-blood things that die when you hurt them bad enough, and actually need to hurt you to kill you!

Why Author sent someone like me to a place that defies logic is beyond me, but since that thing got loose I had only a few options: pretend nothing is happening, lock myself in my room and wait for something to happen, or find it and make sure no one gets hurt by it.

I have always enjoyed hunting, whether the target is an animal or a person, it's just too bad I can't use lethal force.

"I guess I should start from the bottom up; basement, here I come!"


The End

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