It's Going to Take Over

Corby was beginning to lose track of time, had she been here a day, a week, a month? It seemed these people lived life the rest of the world had forgotten. They were never in a hurry, and did things the slow way. For the first time Corby felt free to explore, to ask play. But sadly, the future didn't look so good. So she walked into the empty kitchen, not one kitchen appliance inside, and hid under the kitchen table.

Nothing all going to get captured away and be living here forever, she made sense. No-one would understand. No-one could see what was actually happening in reality. Corby had time leaped to the future, and saw that the author had taken over.

They'd taken over them all, and it would be happening soon. But...Corby didn't have enough courage to say,

We have to fight it.

But she had too, even if it killed her. But how?

The End

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