Knowledge, and Sealantus Gets a Story

Sealantus was leaning on a door, when I noticed he was transparent. I pointed it out to his. He gulped. He kissed my forehead, and said, "I think our author is writing me into another story. Good-" Sealantus disappeared. A tear escaped my eye, then I realized that I hadn't seen Jyll in ages. I went into the living room, and shouted. Jyll was nowhere, and the shacles from the Thing were empty. I ran up the stairs, tripping on my dress.

I went into the room, and pulled out four rubies from my pocket. I said, "I need better clothes, and knowledge!" I placed the rubies, into a little pot,and found that there were clothes on the floor.

I got changed immediatly, and looked down. Faded blue jeans, and my black crop-top shimmered here and there with tiny invisible stars. "I need knowledge! I need to know where Jyll is, and...about love."

The room boomed, "Jyll is where Hola went, and returned when people stopped . Jyll has gone in."

"And about love?" I asked hopefully.

"Tell him."

The End

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