the map and the thing

Jyll was looking for her rabbit.  It had been pushed around the last while, and she couldn't seem to find it. She looked everywhere, under piles of wood and under chairs, but just could not find it.  Thinking about were her rabbit could be, she acidentaly wandered to where the Thing was supposed to be. Suddenly she ran back when she relised where she was, but, as she looked back,, she saw the empty fire and water shackles Flamara and Sealantus had made. the Thing was GONE!!!!! Thinking the others might want to be enlightend with this information, Jyll started to look for them. The last time she saw them they were talking about attacking microwaves. They must be in the kitchen, jyll thought. Unfortunatly, jyll had never been to the kitchen. Reaching for the map, jill looked for the food picture. Unable to read, she did not know she was looking at the map upside-down.  She started to walk towards the kithchen, well, where she thoght the kitchen was. Jyll was walking in passage ways no one had been in before.  After walking for a few minutes, she came to a door she thought was the kitchen. She reached for the handel, and walked inside....

The End

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