"The microwave! I'll be one minute!" Corby stood up on the top stair and grabbed a large pole that was hanging on the wall. She charged down the stairs, past everyone nodding to Ara Flamara.

"Corby! What are you doing?! Come back!" Corby flung open the kitchen door, ignoring Ara's calls to her.

"Right, where are you you little horror of a thing, come and get me!No-one hurts my friend and gets away with it!" Corby held the pole tightly, and stared around the room, then looked ontop the fridge to see the gastly microwave."Come here!" Corby charged towards it, putting her hand on the back of it and pushing it off the fridge. But as she did so the microwaves door opened and shut in Corby's hand, holding it there tightly.

"YOWW!!!" Corby yelled and at that moment Ara and Hola ran in with poles, they pushed the microwave onto the floor, and together Corby, Ara and Hola smashed it with their poles.


"That's what you get you devil of a thing!"Corby shouted at it, smashing it one more time until it was a peice of broken, shattered glass and metal on the kitchen floor.

"I think we're going to need a dustpan and brush..." Ara sighed, wiping his forehead.

"Oh no your not!" The microwave shouted at Ara, quickly picking itself up and running into the livingroom.

"No! Stop that microwave!" Hola shouted.

The End

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