Ara Meets the Microwave

A walking microwave? What the baka was a microwave?

Ara decided to investigate. As dangerous as he knew this house was, if the thing hadn't killed anyone yet then it couldn't really be too bad could it.

Famous last words.

Pushing open the kitchen door, Ara peered round it before going inside. He looked about, yellow eyes peeled for signs of anything strange.

There. In the corner. Something small and rectangular.

Ara approached it cautiously, waiting for it to jump at him. It remained motionless, not moving even when Ara was mere feet from it. He prodded it cautiously, testing it.

Then it jumped at him, crashing into his forehead and practically kebabing itself on his horn. Ara yelped and shot backwards, the microwave advancing on him from across the room.

Baka! I had to go and annoy it didn't I? Great. I'm being attacked by a little box thing. I must look like a total idiot.

Then the microvave ambushed him from behind, clamping it's door (?) shut on Ara's foot. Ara yowled and came racing out of the room, full speed, half panicked. Everyone looked up when he came in, eyes wide as Ara proceeded to battle viciously to get the microwave to let go of him. Eventually, after a momentary battle, he managed to fling it halfway across the room, where it stood up and waddled off as if nothing had happened.

Ara glared after it, thinking death-thoughts.

I hope you drown in the bathtub you evil little contraption. Go short-circuit yourself you little monster. I'll get you for this.

The End

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