What ????

Ok so I had fallen asleep abit. Awoken by the sound of Katheryn I began surveying the situation. I had a really weird dream. Which is odd considering I haven't dreamed since my sisters were killed.

That was a thought. I wondered how Zitzy was. Katheryn actually reminded me of Zizty alot. Minus the deep purple hair of course. The armless being had awoken. Great. Ara was in the corner with that Fire woman. I had a respect for those two. I mean I know people with elemental affinitys but I senced they had a deeper level of sync with theirs.

"What can you do?" I asked Katheryn. I was rather interested in her "inheritance" Prehaps thats why I'm here. My authour wouldn't abandon me.

If anything this was the most I had been writen in a good year or two.

She explained. Drawing several Ohhs and Ahhhs from the collected freakshow. Ok I normally lived in a freakshow, but they were more ability freaks than physical. Being a freak isnt a bad thing. It only condems you if you see it as bad.

"I stood up. Ok so you seem to know more about this place than any of us. Explain away!"

She continued to explain the rules of the house. Well the ones she was aware of. It was like watching a presentation or being in a lecture again. She held up a map and pointed to important rooms like the toilets.

"What about the rest of the house?" someone piped up.

Katheryn cautiously smiled. "I have no idea. I guess we should try work it out. We already saw Hola try and go into an unknown room. This place could be dangerous."

Great. I thought, now all we need is a murder and we practically have a mutauted game of human Cludo. I reluctnatly pulled up the armless one so she had her back against the sofa and could see what we were all looking at.

"May I speak to Ara a moment." I quietly asked Flamara . He seemed a little hesistant but eventaully he came into the corridor with me.

"Right. Ara. Someone needs to stay with the armless thing at all times." A flash of hate went across his eyes. "Look I'm in the mood to ram my heel through her jugular too but we cant leave and neither can she. So one of us is going to have to try and ask her what the hell she wants. We cant just let her keep going after peoples arms. Can't Flamara give her arms of fire or something."

Ara raised an eyebrow. "You want that thing to have arms? Who knows what she would be capable of, she has blue .... blue thingys!" He eventually settled with.

"Well what do you suggest we do about it?"

The side of his mouth hitched into a twisted smile.

"No we can't kill it! Maybe we can use her to find out a few things about the house?" He sighed, I assumed it was because of the no killing rule. We can't have this place turn into a horror movie.

I vaugly thought of Saw before a head poked round the door. "Katheryn has some more things to explain" it said.

"Ara." I put a hand on his shoulder. "If it tries to hurt the girl again I wont stop you but we finish this conversation with Katheryn later ok?"

He returned to Flamaras side. She looked rather annoyed I had moved him even if only for a moment. Still they cuddled up again. Joy a cutesy couple. Just what I needed. Someone give me something to hit!



The End

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