Tell Me Everything! No Just Skip to the End! No Tell Me Everything!

Corby ran over to Ara and Hola shocked and out of breath.

"What happened? Is Hola okay? Is Hola dead? Best not think of that...What happened? Tell me everything! No just skip to the end! No tell me everything! Is she hurt? What happened?! I'm dying with worry here!" Corby jumbled through her words, breathing heavily afterwards.

"Corby, calm down!" Ara exclaimed."She's fine, don't worry!"

"Oh, good...I...was!" Corby breathed heavily.

"She's fine, she's right here." Ara pointed next to him to see Hola sitting down and giggling, flapping her four arms wildly in the air. I smiled.

"What happened?" I asked Ara.

"Don't worry, she just found a door that was forbidden but we got her in time, turn around we best listen to Kathryn, it's her birthday after all!" I smiled and Ara took my shoulders, turning me around to look at Kathryn to hear what she had to say.

The End

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