Siblings...Anything To Do With Ara?

"I'll be right back." I told Ara. He moved his hand from my shoulder, and I stood and pulled Sealantus to the side.

"Don't be angry with my for saying this, but you're my big brother, and my lover. Slightly weird. Do you think that we could just be siblings and friends?" I asked Sealantus.

Sealantus pulled my to him, and whispered. "Yeah, that's fine. me one favor?" I looked up and nodded.

"Tell me, do you think that you can trust that Halfling, after all, it nearly ripped that armless girl apart! That thing is dangerous!" Sealantus noticed his mistake as soon as I frowned at him.

"He happens to be my friend, and yes, I do trust him. He saved little Jyll from having her whole arm lopped off by that creature!" I went back into the living room, and back to Ara. I sat beside him, my head in my hands.

The End

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