She Would Fix Crumbling Peices

"Your lucky," Corby sighed to Misha, filling her mug up with two tea spoons of cocoa.

"What do you mean?" Misha replied in wonder, sipping at his tea.

"You have a family. I'd give anything for a family, an arm and a leg if possible..."

"Trust me, they weren't exactly a family to me." Misha shook his head slowly.

"But you must have been a good person at one point. You must've fallen in love with your wife and ridden off into the stars?! Isn't that how life is supposed to end?" Corby asked.

"Sometimes you can take wrong turns and ride off into the danger zone."

"And...did you take that turning?" Corby slowly looked up at him to see a frustrated look on his face, bemused almost.

"Well, I suppose I did. But not everything has to end that way. You have a family now, of characters. Everyone in this house will be like a brother or sister to you. Just you wait Corby, just you wait..."

Corby lifted her head from her mug of cocoa to see a girl, her hands in her head, sitting at the table, she looked like a lost soul, dazed and confused.She was older than Corby, practically everyone was apart from Jyll. Corby would talk to Leigh. She would fix the crumbling peices. She would have another person to be in her family.

The End

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