Pull and Pull

I just sat their. Jyll was getting used to her fingers, and she kept looking over at her 'Beba', most likely thinking of going to him, but then she seemed to think better of it.

I knew I was sat still, my eyes flicking from Ara, to Sealantus, to the mark on my hand, back to Ara, and start again. I saw that the thing that had stolen her finger was staring at Jyll. I felt a surge of angry bubble both my blood and my fire to my fingertips. I clenched then, and stared at the horrible creature. I felt like burning the creature, like helping Ara pull it apart. I stared at it  until it realized, and looked somewhere else.

My gaze drifted back to Ara. Something about him made me feel like going to him, sitting by his side. Maybe his strength, or his protective nature, or just because he looked...sad. Menacing, but bitterly sad.

I looked st Sealantus, who was staring at me. I felt pulled away from Ara when I looked at him, as if Sealantus and Ara were having a mental tug of war, and I was the one being tugged.

I went to Jyll, and I stood her up. I showed her that she could make fire dance for her a bit, like butterflies, and making it dance in the air. I picked her up, and placed her on my hip. I went about a meter away from Ara, and went back again. She played with a fire butterfly, which she tried to catch as it fluttered round her head.

I walked back over to Ara. He growled, but I came closer. I sat next to him. He looked at me. "Thank you." I whispered to him. I curled my arms round my legs, pulling them to me, and lent my head gently on Ara's shoulder. I showed him my mark. "What is it?" I asked, with my head still on his shoulder.

The End

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