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~Flamara, The Fire Queen, is now sat next to Ara in his dark corner.

~Sealantus, who is Flamar's brother and current lover, is sat staring at the fire. He is a Royal Elemental, so is Flamara. Flamara is the Queen of Fire and Sealantus is the King of Water.

~Indigo, a fourteen year old human, is on her way to the bathroom

~Leigh, a 'biker-chick', is sitting in the kitchen, very confused.

~Hola is a teenager, she's female, and has brown hair which is just past shoulder length. She has another set of arms coming out of her elbow that could shrink into the top half of her other set. These came when she drank out of a can of some strange liquid. She has a pair of tiny wings under her t-shirt but they don't make her fly - in face they're pretty useless.

~Corby, a thirteen year old girl who's a bit odd, is in the kitchen talking to Misha and is planning to talk to Leigh in the near future.

~THE MICROWAVE has sprouted legs and walked off, never to be seen again. It doesn't have eyes, but it still manages to ... look ... at you.

~Elira (El-eye-ra) Human, but can flit into a black cat. She loves her long swords and is fiercely respected by anyone who knows who she is, she also loves to tell her thrilling stories. She is Egyptian.
Currently she is sat in an armchair surveying occurences and trying to get all the facts of this place together.

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The End

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